Dedicated to the Preservation of Canada's Cultural Heritage

Our Mandate: To bring an end to official government–sponsored multiculturalism through a democratic process open to all Canadian citizens.

Multiculturalism: A state sponsored political system used by elected MPs as a slush fund to get ethnic votes. The B.C. Liberals' ethnic outreach strategy was recently exposed.

Canada: Is the policy of state-sponsored multiculturalism a failure? 66% of Globe and Mail readers and 72% of CTV viewers polled say "Yes it IS a failure!"
Europe has done an about face as Angela Merkel of Germany, Nicolas Sarcozy of France, David Cameron of the United Kingdom, and Piet Donner (Holland's Integration Minister) declared that state-sponsored multiculturalism is a failure.

Bilingualism & Census 2011: The top 3 provinces where French is spoken in the home: Quebec 79%, New Brunswick 27% & Ontario 2.2%. In all other provinces & territories it's less than half of 1%. 91.5% of all French speaking citizens live in Quebec, outside only 8.5% of Canadians speak French as a 1st language. Only 17.3% of Canadians can conduct a conversation in English and French. Bilingual enrolment plunged 28% from 1.8 million in 2001 to 1.4 million by 2011. By 2051, this trend will result in a further 73% drop in bilingual enrolment from 1.4 million students down to around 473,000. Ontario will end up closing 365 of its 500 French immersion schools.

Language Law: As French outside Quebec declines, will interest groups begin pushing for foreign languages instead of English? Is this scenario a threat to Canadian culture.

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